Fonts interest me. Not to the point where I can identify different typefaces at a glance, but I like messing about with them now and then.

This blog is built on WordPress’s Twenty Seventeen theme, which comes out of the box with one font only (Some sans-serif or other). Whilst the default font is reasonably easy on the eye, I wanted a serif one.

There’s a plug-in for WordPress that lets you change the typeface to one of many offered by Google, so now this blog is set in Times New Roman, (Edit 29th December: it’s now in Garamond) which I prefer. Google offers hundreds of fonts, including classics like Palatino, which I tried but found lacking.

The world of typefaces is huge — there are websites from tiny to giant where you can browse innumerable fonts.

There are also various degrees of font creator out there, from lone designers working out of a bedroom to big corporations like Adobe.

I might play around with the fonts here again when I get bored or decide I want something better.

(There’s a great documentary by Gary Hustwit about Helvetica, the typeface designed by Max Miedinger.)